By now, most of us know that being outside and soaking up all that is in nature is the best anti-anxiety remedy. Earth Cruisers adds a positive element to getting outdoors by organizing interesting beautiful hikes for people of all ages, so you can experience the joy of good conversation or meeting new future friends. There is that time when we all need to be alone and reflect while we are out walking or hiking. But being alone too much can start to have a negative effect on some of us. We are social creatures, and the data shows having a strong network of real friends can add healthy energy to your life. When we announce a hike outing we try to describe the length of the hike, the time it should take, and whether it will be challenging. This way you can decide if the hike is something that you can partake in and enjoy. So please join us today so you can receive notices about our outings. We usually end up at an eating establishment after our hikes to unwind and have fun and connect

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